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About Us

AIRTRACK X-TREME SECURITY is a specialized security service provider. Our head office is in Munster, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast which is situated within the Port Edward Policing Area.

We operate within the surrounding areas of southern KZN & eastern Eastern Cape, whilst offering dedicated rapid response & regular patrols to areas between Trafalgar & Port Edward.

AIRTRACK X-TREME SECURITY was established in 2020 after Director – Hendrik Ludick noticed a need for reliable, knowledgeable & competitive security service providers for residents & businesses in the southern sectors of the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

Being backed by over 28 years of active SAPS operational response experience & having embarked on a multitude of specialized service qualifications within the force, Ludick continues share his knowledge with his team regarding intelligence driven operations, vehicle crime, K9 utility, first-on-scene response & so much more!

As such AIRTRACK X-TREME SECURITY continues to work closely with our local SAPS units & Community Policing Sectors, striving to assist the local community with the fight against crime. We will actively support any crime prevention initiative that aligns with our values!

AIRTRACK X-TREME SECUIRTY’s ability to perform aerial support has been called upon by our locals SAPS and other organizations to assist with operations multiple times. The AIRTRACK X-TREME SECUIRTY airwing is a fully licensed commercial operation with dedicated, licensed Airline and Commercial Pilots. AIRTRACK X-TREME SECUIRTY helicopters are based within the Margate policing area and have a fuel range to provide service the entirety of the lower south coast and beyond.

It is notable that our company is still in its formative years but we are already a force to be reckoned with!

We at AIRTRACK X-TREME SECUIRTY know that the only way forward to a safer South Africa is by teamwork amongst individuals and companies who are driven by a deep rooted passion to protect above all else.